Wabeco CC-D6000 CNC Lathe (125mm 3 Jaw) - nccad basic


Wabeco CC-D6000E Lathe - Product Description

Wabeco technology has proved itself - the fact that thousands of lathes with massive cylindrical guideways have been sold without a complaint speaks for itself.

You want to turn with precision!
Wabeco CNC lathes guarantee you ultimate precision covering the entire working range of the lathe. Production in Germany on state-of-the-art machine tools guarantees this. The result is Wabeco CNC lathes made to toolmakerÆs accuracy.

You want quality!
Wabeco CNC lathes are produced on state-of-the-art machine tools with a machine precision in accordance with DIN (Deutsch Industrial Norm). In order to guarantee our quality, we run tests during assembly and perform a written final test report. This is composed of, among other things, (declaration of average-value specifications): truth of rotation of the work spindle 0.005 mm, cylindrical turning with finishing cut to 100 mm flying 0.01 mm, cylindrical turning with finishing cut to 300 mm between centres 0.015 mm.

You want a robust CNC lathe!
By means of the powerful and infinitely variable drive, it is possible, for example, with round bars of steel with a diameter of 50 mm, to turn down diameters of a work piece by 5 mm with one feed operation. We would be glad to supply the proof.

You want a wear-free CNC lathe!
By means of our cylindrical guideways, optimal swarf removal is ensured. Swarf scrapers in the tool slide prevent dirt and swarf entering the guideways. We offer a 10-year warranty on the guideway pillar.

You want using over generations!
This is guaranteed by in-house design and construction. The supply of replacement parts is also guaranteed for decades.

You want expert advice!
If you have technical inquiries or you wish to be advised in selecting the most suitable lathe and the corresponding accessories for your requirements, our Wabeco team is at your disposal for advice.

You want safety!
The CNC lathesÆ electrical systems have been constructed in accordance with the VDE (Association of German electrical techniciansÆ regulations).

You want a warranty!
We offer you a 5-year warranty - the warranty does not cover parts subject to wear.

the hardened, rigid machine bed is made of grey cast iron which is multiple diagonally ribbed. The V-guides are ground.

High torque
thanks to the countershaft the lathes have high torque inserted between the drive and the work spindle and this is ideal for machining materials which are hard and difficult to cut.

Extremely silent running
by means of modern, electronically regulated drive technology.

Rigid work spindle
the rigid work spindle is mounted on 2 precision-DIN adjustable tapered roller bearings. The centering of the work spindle nose is in accordance with DIN 6350.

Universally adjustable cross table
all parts of the cross table are made of high-quality grey cast iron and the dovetail guides are adjustable and play-free. Milled graduations in the graduated collars make cuts in the hundredths range possible. The upper slide can be rotated 360o on the traverse slide in order to turn different tapers.

Axis drive
strong, maintenance-free feed motors, which drives the axes via the toothed belts, providing high feed rates and acceleration values.

Ball screws
the use of ball screws is essential for a good positioning precision. Ball screws with play-free ball bearing nuts are used. Ball screws are wear-free.

Automatic 8-fold tool changer
for 4 outside and 4 inside processing tools. The tools are automatically changed in CNC by means of the tool changer. The software also adjusts the number of revolutions on the work spindle, necessary for the selected tool.


Wabeco CC-D6000E Lathe - Basic Equipment

5 year warranty
Wabeco guarantee ultimate precision due to production in Germany on state of the art machine tools
with hardened prismatic cast iron bed
made to toolmakers accuracy with test report
work spindle bore Ï 20 mm
precision lathe chuck with turning and drilling jaw
live lathe centre MT2
clockwise/anticlockwise rotation of work spindle
tumbler gear for left and right threads
change gears set for threading metric (0.4-4.0 mm) and inch (10-32 TPI) threads
two automatic longitudinal feeds rates/lead screw drive
threading in CNC only with nccad software
constant torque throughout the entire speed range
CNC lathe software and connection cable between PC and control system
factory-installed control unit with integrated operational control and feed motor
CNC lathes can be used conventionally as well as with CNC
the use of ball screws is essential for the highest possible positioning accuracy
The PC assumes the administration of the program and the archiving of the data. For programm creating independent from the machine - with the aid of the lathe software, CNC programs can be produced on several PCs, independent of the CNC lathe. This means that new programs can be created on other PCs while the CNC lathe is performing machining operations on the work piece. This increases the productivity of your CNC lathe.
with electronically infinitely variable drive 30 - 2300 r.p.m. Equipped with a strong work spindle drive with dynamic, speed-controlled main drive motor, which can be adjusted by means of a potentiometer over a wide range of cutting speeds
with single-phase inverse speed motor 1.4 kW, 230 V, 50 Hz as a direct current model with continuous r.p.m. surveillance



Wabeco CC-D6000E Lathe - Specifications

Centre distance 600 mm
Centre height 135 mm
Power 230 V, 50 Hz 1.4 kW
Spindle speed infinitely variable 30 to 2,300 rpm
Noise levels while running idle 67 dB
Spindle bore 20 mm, optional 30 mm
Taper in spindle nose MT3
Diameter of chuck work above cross slide rest 170 mm
Travel of cross slide 140 mm
Travel of longitudinal slide 60 mm
Swivel range of the upper slide rest 360o
Maximum height of turning tools 20 mm
Truth of rotation of spindle nose 0.005 mm
Cylindrical turning to 100 mm unsupported 0.01 mm
Diameter of chuck work, measured above the guiding bars 270 mm
Travel of tailstock sleeve 65 mm
Tailstock sleeve taper MT2
Tailstock offset range +/- 10 mm
Automatic feed 0.085 mm optional 0.16 mm
Thread pitch 0.25 mm - 7.0 mm
Positioning accuracy +/- 0.015 mm
Path rate feed x and z axis 30 to 500 mm/min with nccad basic
Machine dimensions (W x D x H) 1,215 x 500 x 490 mm
Machine weight without packing 150 kg
Machine weight with packing 172 kg


Delivery: may take up to 12 weeks
Shipping: free to nearest capital city import depot. A quote to deliver to specific address can be provided.




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